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Is the Russian Blue Right for You?

If you are concerned that a cat could ruin your furniture or make too many messes in your home, then you may want to consider the cat breed that many cat fanciers consider to be the most house friendly, the Russian Blue. These cats, which originated in Russia before the eighteen hundreds, have an undeserved reputation for being unfriendly and withdrawn, because they are so timid around strangers. In reality, the Russian is a very affectionate and intelligent cat, but keeps his affection for family members.

The Russian Blue was originally known as the Foreign Blue, and has also been called the Archangel Cat, the Maltese Cat, and the Spanish Blue. However, no matter what people call this breed, the Russian is an elegant, sophisticated looking gray blue cat with a face that seems to wear a perpetual smile.

The Russian Blue is a medium sized cat, weighing between seven and twelve pounds. This breed has a triangular face, slightly almond shaped, very green eyes, a tail that tapers gracefully at the tip and a medium sized, muscular body. Although the Russian Blue is the only Russian Shorthair recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association, there is also a Russian Black and a Russian White. However, these other Russian colors are recognized in Great Britain.

If you are a busy career person and are worried that your cat will be lonely during the day, the self contained Russian is a good choice for you. While these cats will play with your children or try to comfort you when you are ill or depressed, they are also perfectly happy to spend the day alone. They don’t even need the company of another cat to keep them contented while you are away.

Besides being devoted to its family, the Russian Blue is extremely intelligent. More than one Russian has learned to open doors, fetch toys, and come when he is called. With this cat breed’s intelligence and personality, it is no wonder that the Russian has caught the eye of royalty. One of these cats was even owned by England’s Queen Victoria.

Since the Russian Blue is a shorthair cat breed, extensive grooming is not necessary. These cats have a thick double coat that looks great if you simply comb through it once a week. In fact, this breed’s coat is so thick and plushy that there is a legend, hopefully false, that the cats were actually trapped for their fur in the eighteen hundreds in Russia. In addition to giving him an occasional grooming, you should check your cat’s claws to be sure they don’t need trimmed. You may also want to accustom him to having his teeth brushed to prevent future dental problems.

Whether you are a hardworking career person or someone who spends a lot of time at home, the Russian Blue will make you an excellent companion. If you don’t mind that your cat will never greet your guests joyfully at the door, this may be the perfect breed for you.

Newborn Kitten – Tips On Chosing A Newborn Kitten

By Kevin Lampard

Kittens are often the best cats to start out with. With a newborn kitten you are starting with a clean slate and you will have a friend that will quickly bond with you. Kittens are excellent because they don’t have any bad habits yet and you can begin training them your rules right away. Older cats are often best if you are a low energy person and you don’t have time to constantly be looking after a kitten to ensure they are not getting in any mischief. Older cats have usually been spayed or neutered, may be declawed and their maintenance is much easier in terms of feeding and vaccinations. Ultimately, it will be up to you to determine if your lifestyle fits a kitten or an older cat.

There are numerous cat breeds and it is important to choose one that is right for you and your family.

When choosing a newborn kitten the first thing you need to think about is whether you will be able to deal with a cat that is vocal. Some breeds can be almost noisy. Many people do not mind this vocalization, as they know that the cat is merely communicating with them, but it might be a problem if you live in an apartment or you already have a house of loud kids. Vocal breeds include:

* Siamese
* Korat
* Burmese

Quiet cat breeds include:

* Scottish Fold
* Somali
* America Curl

We all know that a newborn kitten decide who they want to cuddle with and when. This also means that you can choose a breed that loves to cuddle or, if you’re not the cuddly type, then you may want a cat that is more aloof. Aloof cats are able to occupy themselves, while cuddly cats need more attention. Your lifestyle will also help you decide which type of cat you will want. Remember that cuddly cats are also best for children.

Cuddly cat breeds include:

* Snowshoe
* Abyssinian
* Maine Coon
* Ragdoll
* Tonkinese
* Himalayan Persian

Less sociable cats include:

* Norwegian Forest Cat
* Nebelung
* Russian Shorthair

If you want a cat that is not always in mischief or one that needs to be able to amuse itself, then do not choose:

* Sphynx
* Siamese
* Rex
* Balinese
* British Angora breeds

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