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Is The Javanese Cat The Right Breed For You?

If you love the beautiful, graceful Balinese, but you would prefer to own this cat in different colors, then the Javanese may be the ideal cat for you. After all, this striking cat breed was actually created by crossing the Balinese and the Colorpoint Shorthairs in an attempt to give the Balinese a few color variations.

The Javanese has the silky longhair coat of the Balinese and the striking colors of the Colorpoint breed. You can find this soft coated cat in Tortoiseshell point, Red point, Cream point, or Lynx point colors.

Fans of the Javanese cat breed love its graceful, Siamese build and its wonderful personality. This breed has an incredibly muscular body, although it is hidden by the deceptively fluffy coat that covers it. These cats also have a long, graceful tail, big ears, almond shaped eyes and a long, wedge shaped head. These lovely cats weigh in at six to eleven pounds.

The Javanese has a coat that is approximately three inches long. On the tail, this cat’s fur is a bit longer and bushier. Fans of the breed say that owning a Javanese gives them all of the enjoyment of a longhair breed without the drawbacks. The silky coats of these cats are not prone to matting or tangling, which means a weekly grooming session is all that is needed to keep them looking wonderful.

If you want a quiet cat, you may not want to own a Javanese. It is no surprise that this is a vocal breed. After all, the chatty Siamese and the outspoken Balinese are both in the breed’s background. However, if you realize that the Javanese is just trying to hold a conversation, you may find that you can happily tolerate a cat breed that is a bit noisy. After all, these cats don’t actually spend all day mewling at the top of their lungs. They only talk when they need something or want to welcome their beloved family members home.

The Javanese is a true lap cat and is more than happy to spend hours snuggling down beside family members. This breed will perch on shoulders, crawl under the covers, and turn itself into a living stole at every opportunity. Besides being cuddlers, these cats are also very intelligent. You can easily teach your cat to learn a few tricks, including fetch, coming when he is called, and walking on the leash.

Since this breed is so outgoing and playful, people who are rarely at home may not want to own a Javanese. If you do decide to still choose this breed, you should consider adding a second cat to your home. Two of these active little guys will play happily together for hours. Of course, even with other cats to keep them company, they will still be waiting to greet their owners at the door.

So, if you want a cat with a luxurious, soft coat and a wonderful, sweet nature, then the Javanese may just be the perfect choice for you and your family.

Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats

By Robin Darch

So you are thinking of adding a cat to your family? Have you thought about which breed of cat is right for you? Each breed of cat is different. In this article I will be telling you about the Siamese Cat, the most popular cat in the world.

The Siamese Cat is a mysterious looking breed that originated in Siam, hence the name, Siamese Cat. Siam, which is now Thailand calls them Wichian Maat. There are many breeds of cat that are offshoots of the Siamese Cat. The Burmese, Balinese, Colorpoint Shorthair, Ocicat, Tonkinese, Himalayan, Javanese, and the Oriental Shorthair and Longhair are all derived from the Siamese Cat.

For cat shows there are certain standards for Siamese Cats. Balance is the first thing to look for in a Siamese Cat you intend to show. Long, slender, and tall are features that every Siamese Cat that you wish to show must have.

The head of your Siamese Cat should be long and balanced. The points at the ears down to the muzzle should be aligned symmetrically. The muzzle should be straight. They should not have an uneven bite and a strong chin is a plus.

Their expression should be alert and their eyes should be a piercing blue color. The eyes of your Siamese Cat should be oriental in shape but there should be space between them and the nose. Deepset eyes are not a sign of a good show cat for the Siamese breed. The haw should not cover more than just the corner of the eye. Their ears should be large and wedge shaped. (Large at the base tapering up to the tip).

The hind legs of your Siamese Cat should be slightly longer or higher than the front legs. The feet should be oval shaped and not too large. The overall length and shape of your Siamese Cat should be well-balanced. A long tapering tail is also desired. Any kinks in the tail will likely mean your Siamese Cat should not participate in shows or at least you should not expect to win.

The mask should be complete unless you are showing Siamese Kittens. All points should be clearly defined, a clear contrast between the points and the color of the body. All points should be the same basic color as well.

Your Siamese Cat’s coat should be short, have a fine texture and should be glossy. Proper care and feeding of your Siamese Cat will help you achieve this.

Even if you are not planning to participate in cat shows, a Siamese Cat is a wonderful pet and the guidelines above will help you determine the value of the cat you choose to adopt.

One thing you should know about owning a Siamese Cat is that they can be as loud as a siren with a voice that sounds like a crying baby. They demand your attention and will do whatever it takes to get it. They are playful, fun-loving pets that you will come to love. Their dependence on you for attention is a sign of love you will be more than happy to return.

Robin Darch, of PRT Specialised Services Limited has a website, My Pet Cat to help you find all the information you need about pet cats,grooming and training.

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