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Welcome To The NEW AND IMPROVED Blog

I am pleased to announce that this blog has finally been upgraded to the latest WordPress version 2.5 and now sports the latest “LVR” series network template design.

As this is a major upgrade to the MySQL database and many plugins were also updated, if you see anything “kooky” happening, please let me know in these comments.

In the meantime, I will be working on the archives in the background trying to make this a much better and user-friendly site, and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Thank You For Your Patience – Move Is Almost Complete

The files have finally been copied over to the new server, and this will be the last post on the old server.

I will be changing the Nameserver to stop pointing this domain to the old ISP#2 (as I call it) to the new ISP#3 location.

As such, if you can read this post .. the nameserver changes has NOT kicked in, but should be doing so within the next 12-24 hours (or so). From experience, I have noticed that it is not an instant change and there will be some areas of the world that will be able to view the site on the new server before others are able to. Eventually, it should all work out!

Once I see the changes takes into effect myself .. I will start posting immediately on this blog.

Then .. STAGE TWO will take place .. making sure everything works and the transfers were completely successful. So if you see anything wierd or unusual .. please drop me a line – hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com – and let me know! Thanks.

Take care

Advertiser Appreciation: May 2007


Effective June 4-8th week there will be no new postings. You might have already seen a slowdown in this blog since the last week of May 2007 – it is all related. I am in the process of moving all my accounts to a new host provider this week (MidPhase) and there may be times during this switchover that this site may not be accessible. I assure you that this will be temporary, and I will take all the efforts to make this transition go as smooth as possible. I’m giving myself the entire week for this move and the switchover basically, because I’ve got a lot of blogs to be moved! I apologize for any inconveniences in advance, and hope you please bear with me during this time.

In the meantime, I have decided to just combine my monthly “Sponsorship Appreciation” posts with this message to keep you informed.

If you would like to know more about this move, please go to the HART-Empire Network blog for details and ongoing updates.

I have been posting around the week of the 10th of each month a “THANK-YOU” post, like this one, to all the advertisers from the previous month listed as at month end. That’s a permanent link in this blog, under the category heading which I call .. “Sponsor Appreciation”. I know it’s hard out there trying to figure out where to spend your advertising dollars .. and well .. THANKS for considering the CatLvr Blog.

I have compiled a new advertising page for the HART-Empire Network of sites for your perusal.

Please Support Our Sponsors From May 2007

Interviewing Interesting Bloggers

T D Hedengren’s Blog

All things MMORPG

Everything Xbox Live Arcade

Raise Capital in 90 Days Online – Now!

Thank-You Sponsors!

Upgrade is complete

I have successfully updated this wordpress version 2.0.3 to the latest version 2.1 …

Sorry about that! I usually planned to post a warning – but, this time I forgot.

If there are anything unusual resulting, like error messages or complications .. it could be due to my plugins that I have activated, and feel free to let me know using this contact form.

Thanks! // HART

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